Here is an example of one of our multimedia projects. The client wanted his video tape split up into about 60 pieces so that each part of it could be viewed separately. He had over 100 photos that he insisted had to be laid out like the brochure he's been using for years. This meant that he wanted as little white space as possible.

Each photo had to be carefully edited and made the exact same size without distortion. Every individual photo had to be enhanced and editted for maximum effect.

He also wanted an easy way for his fans to get in contact with him without a fuss.

This project took over 100 hours to complete due to his changing and exacting specifications, but we still got the project done for about $4,500. The video editing or the photo editing alone would have cost about that price or more at most firms.

Normally our multimedia projects don't need to cost this much, but while the client cared about cost, he also emphasized that he'd rather pay just a little more to get exactly what he wanted.